What is Bemliese™

BemlieseCotton Linter
World’s only regenerated cupro filament nonwoven sheet

Using 100% cotton linter as a raw material

Bemliese only uses the short fibers around the seeds that were previously unused.

Our original production process enables these fibers to be turned into material with higher functionality than regular cotton.

Photo:Cotton linter

Creating products with our proprietary technology

At the Asahi Kasei plant, refined cotton linter becomes the world's only continuous cellulosic filament nonwoven sheets.Our proprietary technology enables a production process that uses 100% cellulose filaments and their self-bonding capabilities.

1Linter refining

After the cotton linter is cleaned, impurities are eliminated through repeated steaming and filtration to create refined linter.

Photo:Linter refining

2Linter dissolution

Highly purified linter dissolved in a solution (undiluted solution)

Photo:Linter dissolution

3Filament spinning to roll winding

Photo:Filament spinning to roll winding

〈Fabric patterns〉

Photo:Fabric patterns

〈Filament diameter〉

Photo:Filament diameter

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What is Bemliese

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