PLASORBA BR: Selective adsorption of bilirubin and bile acid from plasma for efficient liver support


Plasma sample were collected at the column outlet point when 2.4 L (equivalent volume) plasma was treated.

Experimental conditions
Perfusion method: One-pass operation with small scale column (1/350)
Sample : Human plasma 2.4 L (Equivalent volume)
Flow rate : 20 mL/min (Equivalent rate)

In-house data

Experimental conditions
Sample : Bovine plasma 2 L (5 units/mL heparin, 20 mg/dL bilirubin and 1000 μ mol/L bile acid added bovine plasma)
Temperature : 37 ℃
Perfusion rate: 20 mL/min

In-house data

Clinical data

Patients : n=6
Total treatments : 29 times
First Department of Surgery, Okayama University, Japan

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