Plasmaflo OP: High sieving coefficient of protein components with low platelet loss


Plasmaflo OP specifications

OP-02W(L) OP-05W(L) OP-08W(L)
Hollow Fiber Material Polyethylene
(coated by ethylene-vinylalcohol copolymer)
Inside Diameter 330 μm
Wall Thickness 50 μm
Effective Surface 0.2 m2 0.5 m2 0.8 m2
Priming Volume 25 mL 55 mL 80 mL
Maximum Pore Size 0.3μm
Container Material Polycarbonate
Dimensions 223mm[L]
x 28mm[D]
x 34mm[D]
x 299mm[L]
Sealant Polyurethane
Sterilization Gamma-Ray


The Plasmaflo OP-05W(L) Asahi plasma separator is a medical device intended for the therapeutic separation of plasma from the whole blood in a clinical setting.

Plasmaflo is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.


Plasmaflo OP

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