Commitment to quality

We will raise the reputation of our customers by continuously improving technology and quality, providing products and services that meet their needs.


Quality objectives

1.Realizing a strong organization that steadily implements measures by refining each skill.
2.Improving productivity by efficient job operation as clarifying issues and goals of the organization.
3.Voluntary adapting to the market and customer requirements, changes in the environment.


Commitment to product safety

During every project phase, we adhere to the following safe product policies. We create superior, safe products that ensure customer confidence and satisfaction, thereby contributing to the public good and social development.
(1) Our product development keeps the customer’s perspective in mind.
(2) Our manufacturing processes use superior technologies and strict quality controls.
(3) Our sales activities demonstrate how to use our products safely and correctly.
(4) We make improvements and hone skills and techniques, to boost work efficiency.
We keep safety and the environment in mind at every stage, even the stage when our products reach the end of their effective use and are disposed of.

International standard certification

In 1999, Asahi Kasei Technosystem obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems.


Controls to protect the environment

1.Reducing the amount of electricity used to 200 MWh or less.
2.Reducing the amount of A4 copy paper used to 350,000 or less.


International standard certification

In 2005, Asahi Kasei Technosystem obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems.