Our Company's Services

“We develop for the world of tomorrow that which did not exist in the world of yesterday” and provide new value to society. We contribute to industry evolution and the environment conservation.

We are the only company in the Asahi Kasei group who specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic application equipment and printed circuit boards. Since our founding, we have also been involved with new product development across all companies of the Asahi Kasei group. For over 40 years, we have endeavored to bring into the world of tomorrow that which did not exist in the world of yesterday, accumulating a wealth of superior sensor technology and know-how with regard to electrical circuits that meets the needs of work sites everywhere. The environmental monitoring products and diagnostic products which reflect this experience contribute to both co-existence with the environment and industrial evolution, providing new value to society.

Providing maximum value to customers through professional skills in design, manufacturing and sales

Merely meeting the immediate needs of our customers is not our only goal. Our proposals, in which we place ourselves in the role of those on site and employ our vast experience in development, innovation, and operation, also provide maximum added value.
Many of our sales person have hands-on experience in the fields of development, design, manufacturing, or operations. These salesmen use their familiarity with technology to communicate directly with the customer, determine their needs, and offer optimum solutions. In addition, our designers will use their hands-on know how in the technology and design of circuit boards to bolster quality. Finally, our manufacturing team possess the maturity of skill to support production with minimum lots and high variety. Through seamless coordination of design, manufacturing, and sales, carried out by professionals with extensive hands-on knowledge and experience, we will respond flexibility to all variety of problems the customer faces.