REDUCE Reducing use

Optimize design and cushioning to protect the precious products of customers helps to REDUCE work, dimensions (size), and cost.

To protect products, protective packaging design personnel try to optimize the use cushioning material by using the minimum necessary quantity of material. Safety is of course the top priority, but at the same time, they try to improve the work efficiency of packing and unpacking, and to minimize labor.
Using PAOSS computer simulations it is possible to replace time-consuming repeated trial-and-error work (running drop tests through to deciding final specifications), and to reduce the dimensions (size) of materials.
Volume reduction means reducing the amount of material used for the exterior box (such as paper carton box)-i.e., reducing dimensions (size)-and increasing distribution efficiency by reducing the CO2 emissions generated during shipping.
REDUCE  Reducing use
From existing fixing materials to SUNTECFOAM<sup>™</sup> for 45% less volume