Long-term durability / Weatherability

Long-term Durability

Long-term heat resistance (5000 hours continuous test)
〈Bending strength (ISO1209)〉 more than 50% (Compared with before testing)
〈Shrinking percentage〉 Less than 1%

Expand ratio (density g/liter) Thermal resistance temperature
x3.5(285) x5(200) 100℃
x7(140) 95℃
x10(100) 90℃

NOTE: The figures are for reference purposes. Subject to handling conditions the figures may vary.

The chart below shows the transition of flexural modulus under a long period of high-temperature. Each line shows the case of 70 / 80 / 90 degree Celsius. (Before testing = 100%)

Flexural strength [ISO1209] / SunForce x7 times
Flexural strength [ISO1209] / SunForce-BE x7 times

Long-term Weatherability

①Weatherability test (Equivalent to UL746C standard)

After conducting water immersion and UV/water exposure according to UL746C, SunForce can meet the criteria equivalent to UL746C f1.
*f1 certification has not been acquired.

Pre-test conditions:

[Water immersion]
Immesrsion in 70℃ water for 7days
[UV/water exposure]
Xenon lamp UV exposure (102 min.) and water spray (18 min.) is repeated 500 times (1000 hours in total)

Test Result
1. Flame retardancy test

Before Test After water immersion test After UV/water exposure test
Result V0 V0 V0

f1 criteria: No change

Flame retardancy test in accordance with UL94 (vertical combustion)
SunForce BE 10 times (10mm thickness)

2. Flextural Strength

[Span] 90mm [Crosshead speed] 4.2 mm/min.
SunForce BE 10 times (125 mm length / 13.0 mm width / 10 mm thickness)

3. Charpy impact strength

Charpy impact test in accordance with ASTM D6110
SunForce BE 10 times (10mm thickness with notch)

②UV irradiation test

Transition of flexural modulus under
sunbeam irradiated by weather meter
Transition of flexural modulus under sunbeam irradiated by weather meter

Conditions of weatherability test is as below.

SunForce (7x times expanded)
Irradiation condition
Based on ISO4892-4 (JIS K 7350-4)
Sunshine weather meter S80 (Suga Test Instruments Co., Ltd.)
Light equipment
Sunshine carbon arc (Filter: SF-A)
Black panel temperature: 63±3 degree Celsius
Rainfall condition
18 minutes / 120 minutes

*The transition ratio is different from test ① because the different light source is used.