A wide variety of foam grades (Expansion ratios)

SUNTEC FOAM is available in a wide range of foam grades, in standard specifications, from low- to high-expansion foams, to suit lightweight and heavy products in a variety of fields and applications.

Available in a wide range of foam grades

A wide variety of foam grades (Expansion ratios)

Heavy products

低倍 Q05・Q15等
Low-expanded grade Q05, Q15

The low ER foam, Q05 and Q15, are suitable for heavy products.

Lightweight products

Q25, Q35

The standard grade (ER) foams Q25 and Q35 are suitable for medium and lightweight products.

Antistatic protection

A25, A35, B45

The antistatic type foams A25 and A35 are suitable for electrically sensitive semiconductor devices and electronic products that require antistatic protection.

TH Series

Hinge-shaped for special machining
Hinge-shaped for
special fabrication

The special skin-machined Q35TH and B45TH foams are suitable for simple designs that require only die-cut pressing.