Total cost reductions

The use of SunForce permits mold fabrication at low-cost, and dramatically reduces the amount of resin used, and consequently enables total cost reduction,.

Particularly for components requiring thermal insulation and light weight, SunForce is a material that is cost-effective in terms of reducing the number of components required, reducing man-hours, and in reducing labor.

Total cost reductions

A comparison of lots of 10,000 components manufactured from SunForce and an injection resin product is shown below.

Raw material SunForce Injected product
Units (per shot) 4 1
Plastic used 30 100
Mold cost 45 100
Raw material cost 85 100
Fabrication cost 105 100
Total cost 90 100

* Foaming molds are inexpensive. A number of SunForce units of 4/shot is assumed in order to equalize the processing costs of each.

Total Cost Reductions