Precautions for handling and usage

  • Before using ASACLEAN, please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and the following precautions.
  • Operating temperature differs depending on grades. Use within the specified temperature ranges.
  • DO NOT allow newEX to sit in the barrel for any period of time. Please observe retention time allowed for the other grades.
  • DO NOT use glass fiber filled grades such as newEX and PX2 for sealing.
  • Screen packs (mesh) should be removed when purging extruders with glass fiber filled grades.
  • Protective equipment such as glasses, face shields, gloves should be used when handling ASACLEAN. Operators should wear appropriate protective gear, safety glasses, face shields, gloves, etc.
  • ASACLEAN, same as other resins, is combustible and should be handled and stored in places away from heat and ignition sources.
  • Dispose ASACLEAN in accordance with federal and local laws and regulations.
  • To prevent accidental talls or environmental hazard, immediately clean up spilled pellets and place them in proper waste container.
  • If nozzle is clogged while purging, turn off the machine immediately and consult your machine manufacturer. ASACLEAN may spray out from hopper, so please do not place eyes near hopper.
  • Keep work area well ventilated as gas may be emitted while purging.
  • Handle purging scrap with care to prevent burns. Clear your surroundings from any flammable objects.

Guidelines for the safe use of ASACLEAN

<Operating Temperatures>

Please use ASACLEAN within the operating temperature range for each grade.Operation of machines below the lower limit may cause overloading, while using ASACLEAN above the higher limit may cause decomposition and autoignition of ASACLEAN.
Before purging, make sure that all zones of the barrel are in the proper temperature range for the grade of ASACLEAN being used.
Please make sure temperature is within the specified operating temperature range upon machine startup, after sealing by ASACLEAN.

<Residence (Including temperature change)>

  1. NewEX should not be left in the machine at any temperature for any period of time. After purging, be sure to displace it by a non-glass-filled ASACLEAN grade or the next processing resin.
  2. Other than high temperature grades, DO NOT leave ASACLEAN in the machine for more than 30 minutes above 300°C.
  3. Do not leave high temperature grades such as PX2, PF, SX in the machine at 370°C or higher. Low speed rotation should be used when changing temperature at 370°C or higher.
Prohibited time and temperature for residence.
newEX Not applicable at any temperature
SL, newE, UP, newUP, HP No longer than 30min. at 300°C (upper limit)
U, UB, UF2, newM, PT No longer than 30min. at 300°C or higher.
PX2, PF, SX Not applicable at 370°C or higher.

<Start Purging>

Before purging, make sure that all zones of the barrel are in the proper temperature range for the grade of ASACLEAN being used.
If the cold-start prevention control is not running, insufficient temperature rise may cause damage to the molding machine.

<Interruption of purging>

  1. It is recommended to check that barrel and nozzle are completely filled with resins before any work interruptions to prevent resin degradation due to presence of oxygen. This can be done by performing an injection shot.
  2. Please switch off heaters or lower the temperature to 300°C (370°C for high temperature grades) or less before any work interruptions when leaving ASACLEAN in the machine. Please refer to the prohibited residence time and temperature shown above.
  3. At restarting of injection, please close the safety door, and then start injection at low speed or with short shot to discharge ASACLEAN.

<Screw rotation>

  1. Do not allow screw to rotate without any material in the barrel.
  2. Start the screw rotation at low speed after feeding resin or ASACLEAN.


As gases will be generated during purging, proper use of air ventilation is recommended.
The installation of local exhaust ventilation equipment is recommended.

<Purging scrap>

  1. In case discarding hot purging scrap onto a paper or in a paper bag, it may cause ignition. Purging scrap should be cooled before disposal to avoid ignition.
  2. A container with water should be kept near the machine to cool purging scrap.

Precautions during purging operation

<Purging methods>

Purging can be done by using “auto-purge method”. However, it is recommended to use “screw-rotation” and “short-shot” methods for maximum performance.
Please note that there are possibilities of autoignition by injection operation because of shear heating, even within the appropriate temperature range.

<Discharge & Displacement>

  1. ASACLEAN is purging compounds. Please displace ASACLEAN from the machine by next resin so that it does not appear in molded products. Use plenty of next resins greater than the amount of ASACLEAN used for purging.
  2. Incomplete removal of ASACLEAN will cause contamination in molded products.
  3. Check molded products thoroughly for properties and appearances after displacement of materials.
  4. ASACLEAN is moldable, but it should not be used as materials for molding products.
  5. Resins used to displace ASACLEAN should not be reused as molding materials.
  6. Clean the hopper and the feed throat thoroughly to ensure that ASACLEAN is not left behind.

<Cooling water>

Please be sure that the cooling water is running under the feed zone. Feeding ASACLEAN when the temperature is at 100°C or higher (at 50°C or higher for IMX) may cause melting and sticking in the feed throat.

<Bridging when feeding>

If the feeding of ASACLEAN pellets into the barrel is not smooth, try to start screw rotation at slow speed and increase the speed gradually. If this problem is not solved easily, please make sure the lower part of the hopper is cooled adequately.


DO NOT use newEX and PX2 for sealing.
Before you start the injection operation, please make sure that the machine temperature has been raised to the operating temperature range. Close safety door and begin discharging ASACLEAN by low speed injection or inching injection. Do not approach your face close to the nozzle.


Residence means stopping the machine with the heaters on. This includes the time required for changing machine temperatures.
Sealing means filling of the barrel with ASACLEAN and shutting down the machine.

If the purging temperatures, purging procedures, or grade selection are not appropriate, not only optimum results may not be obtained, but also machine damage or injury may occur. If you have any questions, please contact us.