Special functional grade IMX

IMX is the product enabling us to purge out the resins and strong carbon deposits (black spot) that have been considered to be difficult with regular ASACLEAN grades. If you have trouble with strong carbon contamination or time-consuming overhaul cleaning, IMX will be one of the recommended choices.

Purging effect of IMX

  • · IMX will soak into contamination and make them softened and break away from screw.
  • · IMX is required to be kept in the machine for 1 hour under the specified temperature.
  • · In order to remove the soften contamination along with IMX, 2nd purging by ASACLEAN
      (newEX grade is recommended) will be required.
Purging effect of IMX

Recommended for the cases below

[ Still have carbon contamination after purging by ASACLEAN ]

  • For such “carbonized resin deposits” as deteriorated inside of cylinder or mold
  • For such “molding materials” which is difficult for changeover due to their high metal-fusion characteristics
  • For such “colorant/pigment material” which stick to cylinder or screw due to their high affinity with metal

Applicable for the cases below

  • Applicable not only to injection molding but also to extruder and blow molding
  • Applicable to molds which are difficult to clean by regular ASACLEAN due to structural reasons (hot runner, T-die for sheet extruder, profile die) as well as vent hole.
  • Applicable as sealing materials

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about IMX when using

How to use ASACLEAN IMX (Video)