Grade selection

<Points of grade selection>

Operating temperature /
residence time
Operating temperature range and residence time limit need to be followed
Purpose of using ASALCEAN Check your purpose of cleaning and see characteristics of each grade
Type of resin For polyolefin resin and transparent resin, please try ASACLEAN specific purpose type.

<Examples of grade selection (for injection molding machine)>

<Examples of grade selection>
  • ∗ For grade selection of polyolefin resin and transparent resin, please refer to the page of “ASACLEAN gradesE
  • ∗ PT grade can be applied for PC alloy such as PC/ABS.

Recommended grade will depend on your machine condition, its size, type of resin. It could be different from example above. Please feel free to contact us if you want to check the best grade for your case.