Carbon contamination


How can we prevent resin from degradation?

Proposal 1   Routine Purging

■ Clean the screw regularly by ASACLEAN

Key is to remove resin remaining in the machine before it gets carbonized.
Changing color/resin by using ASACLEAN will be routine purging.

Purging frequency (Standard) For standard resin once a week
For flame retardant resin once every 1 to 3 days

Proposal 2   Sealing by ASACLEAN

■ Before machine shutdown, clean by ASACLEAN and measure a full shot, and then turn all heaters off. By doing this, degradation of resin inside the cylinder will be minimized

  • ∗ Sealing means leave ASACLEAN in the machine and shut down the machine.
  • ∗ Do not use glass-filled grades for sealing.

- Before shut down of machine -

Sealing (Video)

Please try this method when you stop the machine at night or over the weekend