ASACLEAN is suitable for pelletizer, T-die film, blown film, laminate extruder and blow molding as well as injection machine.

Grade selection and cleaning method
will be important for extruder.
Please feel free to ask us
for your best grade and cleaning method.
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Cleaning tips

<Operating temperature>


  • Keep the temperature of the cylinder and increase temperature of the die 20 to 30℃ higher.
    Be careful with resin which is easy to get thermal decomposition or carbonization such as PVC, POM, PA.

ASACLEAN cleaning power will be stronger when cleaning temperature is lower. However, resin or contamination will be harder and more difficult to be discharged. On the other hand, resin or contamination will be softer and easier to be discharged when cleaning temperature is higher. However, ASACLEAN itself will be softer.

<Screw rotation speed>


  • Change screw rotation speed from low to high a few time. (Be careful with motor load)
  • In case that your extruder has feeder, you can fill up your cylinder with resin by increasing feed amount and decreasing rotation speed.

When rotation speed is lower, cylinder will be filled up with resin more densely. When rotation speed is higher, pressure inside cylinder will be higher.



  • Leave ASACLEAN inside cylinder for 5 to 10 min so that ASACLEAN will have affinity to the resin which is stuck to screw metal.

If ASACLEAN go through the surface of resin inside cylinder, ASACLEAN may not be able to reach resin which is stick to screw metal.

<Screen mesh>


  • You don’t need to remove screen mesh when cleaning by ASACLEAN. After cleaning by ASACLEAN and discharge some amount of next resin, you can change screen mesh to the new one.
  • Remove screen mesh when using glass filled ASACLEAN grade.

Cleaning with screen mesh, you can have more pressure inside the cylinder and clean the cylinder and screw more effectively.
However, additives of ASACLEAN or carbon removed by cleaning from screw may stick to screen mesh. So, please change the screen mesh to the new one after cleaning.