What's purging compound

Why purging compound is needed?

Purging compound can facilitate faster changeovers and effective removal of color and carbon contamination.
You need to use washing powder to wash dirty clothes. Only water can’t remove all dirt. This is the same reason to use purging material. Material resin can’t clean all resin/carboon contamination.

What is good purging material?

Good purging material has points below with good balance.

  • High cleaning power
    • Since purging material is cleaning material, it needs to have strong cleaning power.
  • Low residue
    • It is useless if the purging material itself remain in the machine.
  • Easy to use
    • Pellet type can prevent scatter compared to powder type and liquid type.
      Also, non-mixing-required is more easy to use.

[ Note ]

What’s “cleaning power”?

Cleaning power mean the power to discharge the remaining resins or contamination from the cylinder. Smaller amount to complete purging means stronger power of cleaning.

What’s “residue”?

Residue means a characteristics of purging material itself to be purge out.
Smaller amount to finish discharging purging material means lower residue.