Advantage of ASACLEAN

<Features of ASACLEAN>

  • High cleaning power - ASACLEAN discharges materials and contamination effectively -
    • ASACLEAN is specially designed to have excellent compatibility with various types of resins as well as deteriorated resins, which allows for fast and effective purging.
    • Furthermore, ASACLEAN has high cleaning power to remove contamination due to our high compounding technology.
  • Low residue property - ASACLEAN itself will be easily discharged -
    • ASACLEAN is formulated to have low affinity to metal surfaces of the screw and barrel.
      This important characteristic allows ASACLEAN to be easily displaced by processing resins while leaving a minimal amount of residue.
  • Easy to use
    • ASACLEAN can be handled like the normal molding resin.
    • ASACLEAN is considered safe, non-reactive, and non-corrosive.
    • ASACLEAN’s versatility allows for one grade to purge a variety of resins.

ASACLEAN is based on Asahikasei’s technological expertise in the manufacturing and developing of resins.

<Benefit of ASACLEAN>

  • Less material and time loss with faster changeovers
    • Material and color changes can be accomplished in a short period of time. This reduces the amount of material loss from one-tenth to one-third* when compared to using resin only. (* In-house analysis)
  • Low defect rate ( carbon/color contamination )
    • ASACLEAN’s strong cleaning power can remove carbon/color contamination. It will decrease product defect by cleaning hot runner as well.
  • Prevent occurrence of carbon contamination
    • Keeping the screw and cylinder sealed during shutdowns using ASACLEAN will prevent occurrence of carbon contamination.
  • Reduce the frequency and time for screw-pulls cleaning
    • ASACLEAN increase productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

ASACLEAN is effective to reduce not only material cost but also total cost.

Material cost savings, Changeover time savings, Defect reduction, Waste reduction, Maintenance cost reduction, Total cost advantage