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How many years is membrane module life?

It depends on the environment and conditions where the membrane module is used.
Please contact us for more detailed information using the contact form.

Please give us an estimate of a membrane module.

Please contact us first using the contact form.Let us know the characteristics of the liquid for which you intend to use a membrane module, purpose, facilities, environment, etc., so we can propose the appropriate brand of the membrane module.

How should we dispose of a used membrane module?

It depends on the type of membrane module.
Please follow the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Act, and use a proper disposal method.

Can Microza be used for liquid containing organic solvent

Microza is designed for filtering a water system. Thus, it is usually difficult to deploy it for liquid-containing organic solvents. However, there are applicable cases depending on the combination of membrane module and organic solvent.
Please contact us first using the contact form.