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The Membrane System Division of Asahi Kasei, which is a specialist in separation technology including hollow fiber membrane filtration, explains the basics of separation technology.

Differences and characteristics of separation technologies

The characteristics of separation technologies used for solid-liquid separation, including membrane filtration, are summarized.

What is membrane separation?

Classification of membrane filtration and target components are explained.

Structure of membrane modules

Membrane filtration, one of the separation technologies, will be briefly explained.

Principles of membrane separation

Separation methods that use pressure difference are outlined.

What is cross-flow filtration?

See here for the differences between dead-end filtration and cross-flow filtration.

Membrane function

Brief examples of membrane separation technology applications for each membrane type.

Membrane Material

Here are some of the various materials used in membrane separation technology.

Types of membrane modules

Click here to see the difference between casing type and non-casing type.

Membrane durability

This section describes the criteria for determining membrane life.