Pencil-scale and laboratory-scale modules

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Test by pencil & laboratory-scale modules before installation of actual systems

Small-scale modules having the same performances as UF and MF membrane modules for plants

Pencil scale module

Pencil scale module
  • The pencil modules are for testing several hundreds of milliliters of samples. They facilitate confirming separation performance (whether the target substance can be separated or not) and selecting the appropriate membrane. A filtration experiment can be easily performed using your pump.
  • Pencil scale modules of ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) membranes equivalent to the full-scale system are available.
  • The pencil unit (sold separately) can be used more easily.
  • * It involves simple filtration ad low pressure and low linear velocity, and thus a laboratory scale module is needed to measure the filtration rate.

Laboratory scale module

Laboratory scale module
  • The laboratory modules can be used to check the operation and washing conditions for realizing the treatment you assume
  • The module can collect engineering data necessary for the membrane filtration device, enabling estimation of the necessary number of membrane modules and rough introduction costs.
  • By sending the necessary amount of sample to our laboratory, you can ask us to perform the laboratory scale sample testing (charged). We will evaluate the items needed for identifying the optimum operation conditions and scaling them up, such as the design of chemical washing, filtration rate measurements, and evaluation of the effects of backwashing.
  • There is also renting service for the testing device.

Product specifications

Contacting us ….

Asking us to perform laboratory-scale filtration testing

By sending the necessary amount of samples to our laboratory, you can ask us to perform laboratory-scale sample testing (charged). The necessary amount of sample is determined by the purpose of filtration, items to examine, concentration rate, target precision, etc.Please contact us by filling out the form below. Usually, the amount of sample is several tens of liters.
A profile of the outputs included in the report is:

  • Confirmation of the membrane aptitude to the target liquid of filtration
  • Presentation of optimum operation conditions
  • Presentation of the necessary amount of water to be added for purification
  • Presentation of possible concentration rate
  • Presentation of maximum filtration rate and design filtration rate
  • Presentation of the number of membrane modules needed in your production facility