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Microza responds to various challenges in the Ultrapure Water Production application

Further reduction of particulates in ultrapure water

Very high level of cleanness is demanded in ultrapure water used in the semiconductor production process

Product defects due to particulates, TOC, and metal ions contained in ultrapure water

Why Microza?

  • Robust particulate removal by the double-skin structure
  • Reduced pressure loss inside the module by water collection at both ends
  • Implementation results in several semiconductor plants all over the world

Our products

OLT-6036 series

High-quality ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module suitable for the production of ultraclean water for most advanced large-scale integration (LSI)

OAT-3036 series

Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module with enhanced particulate removal suitable for the production of ultraclean water for next-generation large-scale integration (LSI)*Comparison with an in-house previous module (OLT series)

Case studies

  • A company in Taiwan

Microza is supplying ultrapure water in semiconductor production plants around the world including semiconductor manufacturing giants.

  • Purpose of the treatment: Final ultrafiltration in the ultraclean water subsystem
  • Products: OAT-6036HA and OLT-6036HA
  • Place of introduction: Taiwan


Microza continues supplying highly reliable ultrapure water to the semiconductor industry, which is pursuing finer design rules.


  • OAT-6036 Series
  • OLT-6036 Series